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    Be sure it's BM Audio®

    The only way to be sure you're buying a genuine BM Audio product is to buy directly from BM AUDIO’s official online store or a BM certified authorized dealer. BM products purchased by consumers directly from BM AUDIO’s official online store or an authorized dealer, whether online, or from a catalog or in a store are genuine and should display a BM AUDIO authenticity hologram label or article information which includes a unique APC and one that is able to verify directly with the official BM Site to be sure of its authenticity.

    Verify with BM AUDIO if you feel suspicious of reseller or product

    Buying from unauthorized dealers can be risky. Normally, an authorized BM dealer should be able to assure you by providing evidence that they are authorized to resell BM products, or they will be more than willing to cooperate with you to get their products verified by BM AUDIO directly at our Site, by contacting us first before your purchase. Do not make your purchase from any source if in doubt. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers have a higher chance of being counterfeit or refurbished (used). In some cases, they may even be stolen goods.
    WARNING: Those who attempt to resell counterfeit or stolen BM goods may be subject to significant civil liability and/or criminal penalties regardless where you are located. BM AUDIO will pursue for the maximum prosecution provided by US law and your legal jurisdiction. We recommend that you submit an enquiry to BM PRODUCT VERIFICATION at the link at the top of this page so that we can promptly assist you in determining whether the product in doubt is a counterfeit or not. If you have already purchased a doubtful product, go back to the reseller and demand for an original invoice with their address and contact details on it, with the particulars of your purchase on that invoice clearly printed for our reference.

    How to spot a fake

    There are growing numbers of counterfeit products in the marketplace. It has come to our attention that rampant sales of counterfeits of BM AUDIO products have been taking place in some parts of the world. Receivers, players, monitors, loudspeakers and amplifiers are the BM AUDIO products that have been reported as counterfeited. This includes most types of BM AUDIO amplifiers and loudspeakers, including power accessories and older models of popular BM power amplifiers such as the best-selling handcrafted classics: PCH-4480LX and PCH-4880DX by unauthorized resellers in Dubai and some middle-east countries, through popular auction and other e-commerce websites, even in flea markets. Occasionally, our BM AUDIO® and BMBOSCHMANN® trademark is also applied to products or model numbers that do not identify with any that we currently produce, such as for instance, roof-mount monitors and microphones. In some cases, online resellers located in China and India claim to be selling genuine "OEM" BM AUDIO products, but beware that these products may be fakes. Typically, these products are sold at lower prices than those offered by BM AUDIO and its authorized dealers, and sometimes these prices may not necessarily be low enough to cause buyers to suspect that the products are counterfeit. In some cases, if the fake uses a packaging that has not been designed by BM AUDIO then the packaging may be all that is needed to verify a fake instantly. In other cases, counterfeit packaging may try to recreate, or just callously “scan off” and reprint the genuine BM AUDIO packaging, so check if yours appear fuzzy, or if the colors look faded, or if any printed objects that appear on the packaging may appear broken or incoherent. They may also include warranty registration cards in the packaging, and apply serial numbers to the products that copy genuine BM Audio serial numbers to make them look authentic. They have even copied the hologram sticker that BM AUDIO applies to its products to assist us in identifying fake products. Because of these rampant copying, it may not be easy to distinguish a fake product from the real one. If you believe that you may have purchased counterfeit BM Audio products, we encourage you to submit an enquiry to BM PRODUCT VERIFICATION at the link at the top of this page so that we may be able to assist you in determining whether the product is counterfeit. Your best protection against buying fakes is to purchase from an authorized dealer or our official online outlet...


    Why you should not purchase or use counterfeit products


    In a box, 100% of the time the counterfeit products fail to meet even the most basic standards of performance which BM AUDIO set, designed and made for all our products. Did you know? BM AUDIO has always been relentlessly investing all our valuable resources and our passion to bring to world users affordable yet high quality products, but counterfeit goods simply destroy all that by just mimicking our appearance and thrashing them in any marketplace they can find at prices below our product cost, all just to make a fast buck and vanish from sight. If you purchase a counterfeit, not only are you not getting the best of what the original BM AUDIO product is designed to offer, but you feed the pirates, encourage them and nurture them to grow and propagate. Make no mistake – pirates do not give you value – they take that from you, and everyone else who creates value. Eventually, quality creators like BM AUDIO and all original product manufacturers will no longer be able to research, develop, produce and bring you even the most affordable quality audio products we have always brought to everyone including you, to enjoy. Counterfeit goods may look or feel ‘okay’ when you first come in contact with them. But counterfeits definitely cannot guarantee lasting quality, durability or more critically – even basic operation stability – a serious risk which will harm you or result in irreversible damage to your connected equipment. Counterfeits cannot and will not provide quality assurance or any technical support for their knockoffs. To save costs, they cannot pass the high level of stringent quality standards, or go through internationally approved safety tests. So even though counterfeit products and their packaging are extremely close or identical in appearance to genuine BM AUDIO products, but because they haven’t passed any of these standards of performance found in genuine BM AUDIO products, they have to make up for in cheaper price. Counterfeiters go to great lengths to make their products look like genuine products. But to produce them at such unrealistic costs, they have to be made with cheap refurbished or dangerous materials that are hazardous for consumption or even close proximity. Most of those raw materials used in counterfeits are deadly and hazardous to touch or inhalation. The severe hidden costs of using counterfeits to your health and environment far exceed the price tag for a genuine BM AUDIO product.


    Three ways to protect yourself from fraud:


    1. Buy direct from BM AUDIO, either online, or in authorized BM AUDIO retail stores. Visit PURCHASE to find a local dealer so that you can audition or view a genuine BM product. If you cannot find a local authorized reseller in your region, you can visit - the official BM AUDIO distribution website. If you wish to purchase a product there now, you can be sure that you will receive a genuine BM AUDIO product.
    2. Look for the official BM AUDIO LABS badge featured on some retailers' websites.* The badge is the BM icon that promotes and represents the advantages of using an original BM AUDIO product, and most of our authorized dealers display them in an easily noticeable location. In addition, the authorized online dealer’s URL (in the address bar) should begin with "" to be valid.



    3. Contact us to inquire whether a dealer is authorized. If in doubt, you can e-mail us. We will promptly send you directions to the nearest local authorized reseller if one is available near you. Or, we will check the name of the dealer or website from which you are considering a purchase and let you know whether it's an authorized BM AUDIO dealer.


    If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit BM Audio product, please submit a form through Report a Fake at the link on top of this page. BM AUDIO appreciates your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products and to express our appreciation, BM AUDIO may consider rewarding informants with selected genuine BM product gifts upon successful prosecution of the counterfeit with your effort.


    BM Audio Labs, Inc.

    * It may occur that some BM AUDIO authorized dealers may not have displayed the badge at all times as requested by BM AUDIO, or they may have displaced them at less apparent locations. Please ask for verification from the dealer before purchase.